Sunday, July 23

Embassy Theatre, Skegness


EM-Con Skegness cosplay competition
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Adult Prize

Our wonderful friends at GAME Skegness have supplied us with some fantastic prizes! OVER £500 WORTH!!!

It contains: 1 limited edition Mass Effect Andromeda Nomad RC with camera and steelbook, 1 Assassins Creed Syndicate Jacob statue in display box, 1 Titanfall 2 tshirt and mask in display box, 1 Mass Effect Andromeda mug and scale car model, 1 pack of For Honour badges, 1 pack of Legend of Zelda poster and art cards, 1 pack of 20th anniversary Tomb Raider playing cards

To enter, just turn up in your costume on the day, go to the cosplay desk and register, when the competition starts still be in the venue and listen to be called up on stage!

Winner will be chosen by our host and you the public will decide!

Cosplay guidelines

1. All cosplay is subject to inspection on arrival at the show.

2. Rule of thumb on size is that if you can’t fit through a normal size door then it’s an unacceptable size. Please keep this in mind as refused entry may ruin your day!

3. Any hard or sharp objects/weapons will not be allowed into the event and will be removed upon your arrival until you leave the convention.

4. NO NUDITY – Skegness Comic Con is a family convention. Your outfit must cover you at least as well as a modest swimsuit would. (No thongs or other minimalist bottoms. No pasties, tape, or paint in lieu of a full coverage top. Also, obviously nothing transparent for these areas.)


6. Skegness Comic Con can not be held responsible for any damage that might come to the costume while at the convention.

Banned props

Live Steel – This includes swords, knives, shurikens, bayonets, or other metal objects which have an edge.

Guns/Bows/Arrows – This is anything that shoots a projectile or could be enabled to shoot a projectile, including air guns, Airsoft weapons, crossbows, or replicas of actual guns, it also includes real bows and real arrows.

Safety is of prime importance to us, and a zero tolerance stance will be taken.